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Hilde & Preben
Hlide & Preben. Destination wedding at Bandara Hotel

I believe that if possible, the photographer should not actively express himself during the wedding shooting. But ultimately it depends on how carefully it was all planned by the bride and groom and the wedding organizers.

Usually for me it is not difficult to intervene and defuse the situation, in general if there are any inconsistencies or pause in the overall algorithm, or young people are under too much stress. Or they specifically decided that they do not need rigid and better to improvise. Story of my life! But I must say - the perfect wedding is a reality.

The wedding of Hilde and Preben took place in Bandara Hotel, and about 70 guests from all over the world gathered. Absolutely everyone who was involved in this celebration has worked well and at the highest level, and at the same time it was not conspicuous. I`m honestly in ecstasy with my job.

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Anyone can make one beautiful shot on the wedding day. Even a guest having only a phone can make a gorgeous picture. But a professional photographer is a person who can give a guaranteed result throughout the whole wedding. That's person who can quickly react to changing conditions, adjust to the situation and make unique photographs in an environment where the amateur will already surrender. We guarantee a quality result and we can prove it thanks to a large number of weddings that you can see to the fullest
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