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Who we are?

Wedding photographer and wedding videography on Koh Samui

We are a crew of professional photographers and cameramen based on Koh Samui island.

We have a worldwide experience of photo and video and finally we’ve found our inspiration in Thailand. It’s a pure pleasure to capture the most important moments of loving people on the most bright and picturesque background ever.

What we are doing?

Our services

The main direction of our work is weddings. We work with a variety of budgets, decorations, newlyweds and guests. But all this is absolutely not important. The main thing is love, warmth and sincere feelings, happiness and pleasure from this day, which the couple experiences. If this is all there, then everything will be wonderful!

Why you should hire us?

Because we have already over:


The real weddings in entirety

Anyone can make one beautiful shot on the wedding day. Even a guest having only a phone can make a gorgeous picture. But a professional photographer is a person who can give a guaranteed result throughout the whole wedding. That's person who can quickly react to changing conditions, adjust to the situation and make unique photographs in an environment where the amateur will already surrender. We guarantee a quality result and we can prove it thanks to a large number of weddings that you can see to the fullest
Wedding photo sessions Hilde & Preben Wedding photo sessions Hilde & Preben Hlide & Preben. Destination wedding at Bandara Hotel
Wedding photo sessions Chelsea & Mike Wedding photo sessions Chelsea & Mike Destination wedding at Ban Suriya Villa
Wedding photo sessions Irina and Fabri Wedding photo sessions Irina and Fabri Destination Wedding at Deva Beach Resort

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Here more than 60 different weddings and you can see them in full value.
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How are we doing?
How are we doing our photo shoots?

If you've never ordered a photo session you have the question, how does the photoshoot takes place? In fact, you must not know much about it, because the duty of professional is to prepare you and help you to relax during the shooting, without troubling where to stand, how to pose etc. That’s why it is very important to meet with your photographer before shooting or remotely using the Internet to discuss all the details.

Fortunately skype, whatsapp and other social networks allow to do it regardless of your location.

After discussing all the details and the booking date, by making 20-30% prepayment for filming the photographer will be your assistant and guide in order to get the best result.

In day of shooting our team filming your important day and catch all the moments that you can remember this event for all your future life.

Usually in wedding day you pay the rest amount. And after shooting photographer processes pictures for 3-4 weeks and sends them to you by any convenient way via the Internet.

The edition includes a color correction and basic retouching of all pictures. This will allow you to get the pictures that correspond to the level of the photographer’s portfolio.

Client's testimonials

  • Review from Maria & Sergey
    Maria & Sergey
    26 March 2019
    We chose Dima as a photographer for our wedding photo shoot and did not regret it for a minute! Dima is a true professional in his field! The photo session was easy and relaxed as a pleasant walk through the beautiful places of the island. We got more than 100 photos, more than half of which I want to print and hang on the wall . If you consider yourself to be non - photogenic, clamped and you do not know how to pose-do not worry, Dima will dispel all your complexes and help to look in the frame in the best way. And in addition to professional qualities Dima is just a very responsive and friendly person. We are delighted with the process and the result of the photo shoot with Dima! We wish him further prosperity and creative victories! Thank you for our memories! ♥♥♥
  • Review from Azer & Anya
    Azer & Anya
    27 October 2018
    Dimas is great photographer! We had our wedding in Koh Samui and Dimas was professional, by that I mean not only best quality photos, but also his attitude to persons he is shooting. He is friendly and gives good advices, to make you feel more comfortable at the time of big event. He knows his job, and as the results all the photos are just great! Photos are very emotional, it is amazing to look at them, as they remind you of the emotions you felt at the wedding. I would definitely advice to work with Dimas. He is real professional in all the meaning of this word.
  • Review from Irina & Ruslan
    Irina & Ruslan
    16 September 2018
    Dimas is really great photograph! All photos from our wedding are just amazing! You can see and feel emotions at our pictures, it is the best criterium for a professional photograph. Thank you Dimas so much!
  • Review from Elyse & Deep
    Elyse & Deep
    20 June 2018
    Words cannot describe how happy we are to receive our incredible wedding and event photos by Dimas. They are absolute perfection and safe to say the result is better than we could have ever imagined. Hiring Dimas was actually the best decision we made for our wedding. He has given us the perfect gift to last a lifetime. He captured every moment big and small.... All the emotions he captured so perfectly. He's perfectly opinionated to the point that his suggestions saved one of our pre wedding events.....trust and listen to his suggestions because he will get you the best possible result. It rained on our wedding day and Dimas suggested we shoot around the island another day. It was the best thing.... We got those perfect beach/temple and tropical shots we came to Thailand for. Without Dimas's expertise and advice, we wouldn't have many photos we like at all due to the weather etc... Now the hardest decision is which ones to pick because we love them ALL. From the bottom of our hearts Dimas thank you for all your passion, creativity and hard work....you are just the best there is!!!!!!!!!!! We will absolutely Continue to hire you on our Thailand trips just for those perfect family/anniversary/holiday shots (any excuse)
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The team of Samui wedding photo and videography

At your service there are all our art passion and latest photo equipment. You mustn’t worry about how to pose and how do you look in the frame. All you need to do is to live, to love, to have fun in front of the camera, and our professionals will help create the right atmosphere.

We mainly specialize in wedding photo shoots and wedding filming on Koh Samui

How far should you book in advance? Normally it is 3-6 months, as soon as you have a date and venue.

Professional wedding photographer

Your professional wedding photography on Samui will be the best souvenir you could bring from Thailand! This island has plenty of diverse locations for any kind of shooting. Rendezvous-shoots in unexpected locations - such as non-tourist scenic spots, fruit gardens, picturesque places right in the middle of the city.

We recommend shooting lasting more than 3 hours in order for you to have time to get different type of photos with different outfits. We are also working with the independent professional make up artists and hairdressers. It’s up to you if to use their service if you would like a professional touch on you.

Wedding photographer

As Mark Twain said, - “Only two things we will regret on deathbed - that little loved and little traveled.” Love and travel are inseparable phenomena, how else to explain the fact that exotic islands are the favorite places for weddings and romantic adventures?

The couples love the dynamic, movie look style and at the same time “epic” photos that could capture a beauty of surrounding landscapes. So we use all our skills and techniques to produce stunning and romantic imagery from your wedding day. We would also like to add that the relationship you have with your Samui wedding photographer will be the most important you have with any of the services you will hire for your wedding. We really put all our soul not only in the hat you get high-quality photos, and that you enjoyed the process of shooting and wedding day passed in a light and friendly atmosphere.